Church Arm Structure

The Calabar Church has six arms which Includes:

This arm consists of the
a. The Minstrels,
b. Unique and
c. Cornerstone Choir.
The leadership of this Arm is the choir director - Tare Sandra Osanebi and  supervised by the Choir Minister, Ariyo Oniyelu.

This arm consist of the following Departments:
a Logistics, Headed by Samuel Essien
b Hermon Guards, Headed by Meeting Funkeyi
c. Protocol, Headed by Benson Jonah
d. Media, Headed by Ukongikwene Adie (Miss)
e. Technical, Headed by Eric Wilfred

This arm consist of the following Departments:
a. Welfare Department Headed by Ekaete Archibong
This Department is subdivided into two units:
- Peniel Foundation - Free Medical Services
- Philadelphia Scheme - Job Mart, Food Bank, Skill Acquisition & Entrepreneurship Traning and Free Counselling Service.

b. Natural Groups
This department is further subdivided into the following units
- Elders' Forum
- Men's Circle
- Formidable Women
- Hermon Dew (Singles Fellowship)
- Couples' Launch hour

c. Marriage Committee

This arm consist of the following Departments:
a. Teens Church
b. Children Church

This arm consist of the following Departments:
a. Follow up - Care is the ultimate rule of building friendship. We believe in you because "You are Important". A group of dedicated persons who are passionate about the "You" in church and after the church. You can be a part, you can create an irreplaceable footprints. We await you!
b. Evangelism - The bedrock of Christiandom is Evangelism. It's every christian's obligation - through love we were saved and; saved to save others. Join the train every Saturday by 4pm to Win souls for the Kingdom. God bless
c. Prayer Force - Prayer is a spiritual communion with God, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession. In this Sect, stones are always rolled away, ashes exchanged for beauty etc. Join this team every Thursdays for "a never the same" encounter with the Almighty and your story shall not remain the same.
d. Stepping Stones - a group of persons (male and female) who are passionately lost as far as dancing is concerned. Do you think you have a flair for dancing, then hook up with Okot-Asi Thomas Ekpang who is the leader and get involved, sharpen you talents to be a blessing to others. See you there soon!
e. Liberation Theatre - a group of persons who are passionate about acting. They interprete thoughts into act. Actions stays in the minds as long as an individual lives. You think you've got the skills, passion or enthusiastic as far as acting is concerned? Then Liberation Theatre is where you belong - then hook up with Rosemary Agabi who is the leader and get involved, sharpen you talents to be a blessing to others. See you there soon!

A group of persons whose thoughts, visions and financial advice goes a long way to keep the church on a stable monetary platform. The group is headed by Ayoola Sunday Ajamolaya (Mr)

Presently 26 brethren make up this team including the Head and Resident Pastors. The church has about 190 Stewards in its workforce and 12 Staff on the church payroll between Abuja and Calabar churches.

The Abuja Church functions with several Units which Include:

Capstone Choir: This is the Music Unit in the Church which constitutes the Choir, Musicians & Praise Team. This Unit is headed by Fred Aghimien.

Logistics: The Logistics Unit consists of Ushers, Protocol, Hospitality & Guards. The Unit is headed by Tim Hermon.

Media Unit - Headed by Godwin .C Emenyonu.

- Headed by Peter Akinfolarin.

Drama - Headed by Pst. Sinmisola Ogunyinka.

Children Church - Headed by Rita Obi.

Hermon Flames (Prayer Unit) - Headed by Bassey Inyang.

The Pretoria Church functions with several units which include:

The Choir: This is the Music unit in the Church and it is headed by Sis. Ifeoluwa Ogunyinka.

Prayer Unit: Headed by Sis. Primrose Miga.

Media: -Headed by Bro. Godwin .C Emenyonu.

Children Church


Other units are soon to be birthed.