Wednesday, 25th day of January 2017 (Midweek Service) - Separation by Pastor Samuel Eko

Wednesday, 25th day of January 2017
Speaker: Pastor Sam Eko
Teaching: Separation
Text: 1 John 2 :15 - 17

Separation means to set apart; to stop being together, joined or connected; to become detached.
This teaching is to help you know where to draw the line as a believer; because the separating line is becoming faded every passing day. The boundary that shows the demarcation between the world and the Church has been shifted - Gbile Akonni. The boundary line has become increasingly difficult to identify. 1 Corinthians 2 :17 makes us know that there is a very clear line, however some people make a deliberate effort not to see the boundary, because they have become comfortable with the things of the world.

Biblical definition and depiction of the term the world.
John 3:16 – The world here refers to the people- sinners that inhabit the earth. Jesus loved the world because of the sinners in it.
1 John 2:16 – The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life are all of the world.
John 14 :30 – Satan is in charge of the present world system as it is constituted. If you love the world system you make yourself an enemy of God. You are in the world but you, as a child of God ought not to be of the world. This is not to say that the material things should not be appreciated or utilized, you should, however not live your life oblivious of the fact that there is God. Make God the centre of your life.

The rightness and wrongness of 1Timothy 6: 17 as it pertains to separation from the world
The wrong is :- When one becomes rich, they become high-minded, egoistic and proud; they begin to trust in their wealth forgetting that material things are uncertain - that is the wrong identified in that passage.
The Right is:- There is nothing wrong with being rich, however put your confidence in God not in your things or your wealth. Your giving should be towards God, knowing that God gave you the wealth and not to brag or show class.

Separation is being able to draw a line even when God has granted your deepest desire. Be careful not to put your trust in your strength or wealth or your spouse. Do not let your blessings hinder you from serving God.

Six (6) definite things to be separate from
From the Biblical Perspective of 2 Corinthians 6: 14 – 17, you are to separate and disconnect
1. From marriages between a believer and unbeliever – there should be no relationship between the believer and unbeliever, there should be that separation; nobody can take the place of the Holy Spirit, you cannot change a person by your might, let the Holy spirit do His work, do not use changing a person as an excuse for being in a relationship with them. Do not lay a wrong foundation for your marriage, do not disobey God, do not be equally yoked with unbelievers.

2. From all forms of unrighteousness – righteousness is doing what is right before God, thus unrighteousness is doing what is wrong. He who knows how to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.
Romans 1: 29 – 32 – the list of unrighteous act are to wit fornication, wickedness, maliciousness etc. if you are still found doing the things listed therein, then you have not separated yourself from the world.

3. From all works of darkness – Allow the light of God in you to shine; immediately you begin to shine then you would have separated yourself from darkness. See Ephesians 5:11 – you are to rebuke any work of darkness or evil things. Do not be comfortable when you see evil.

Question– Should you report someone who copies in your class?
You should first rebuke the person, speak with the person using scriptural backing, use the reporting system as your last resort.

4. From Belial– sons of Belial are those who have the personification of evil, as a believer, it is wrong to have a friend who is always noted for evil. It is pertinent to note that wrong connection reproduces wrong results, the repercussion of bad communication might affect your children. The sons of Belial amongst others are:-
a. people who do not know God - 1 Samuel 2:12.
b. people who do not have respect for God( or his offering)1 Samuel 2:17.

5. From an Infidel– An infidel is someone who does not share your faith or values. The word infidelity is gotten from infidel, thus we are to separate ourselves from perpetrators of immorality and deceit.
Question – should believer carry on business with unbelievers?
Answer– there is nothing wrong doing business with an unbeliever however your principle of a God-based business should overshadow you. See biblical example of Joseph, he did businesses with the Egyptians. The idea is not to mingle yourself with the things of the world; your values should not be short changed. Demarcate yourself even in your business as a Child of God.

6. From Idols – Exodus 20: 3 – 5; Anything that takes your attention more than God becomes your idol. God will answer according to the multitude of the idols of your heart, see Ezekiel 14:4. Do not play down on the will of God, He always gives you the best, focus your mind on Him than on any idol. Do not let anything be your obsession because it becomes your idol, separate yourself from the things that you love dearly so that it does not constitute an idol. Learn how to put God first always. Glue yourself to God.

Basic Rules to follow/ To Do
1. Separate from anything designed to overthrow your faith in God.
2. Separate from anything that will destroy your testimony.
3. Separate yourself from anything that will corrupt your moral or lead you to sin.

Prayer Points
Heavenly father separate me from the world and from the love of the world.
Oh Lord give me wisdom to stand strong until your return, help me not to be found wanting.
Help me Lord to consecrate myself unto you return